Should I Share My Essay (That Worked) With Others?

Question: Is it safe now to share my college admission essay publicly (on facebook or share with friends) since the admission is over or is there still any concern about plagiarism that will affect me? The reason I want to share is to give my underclassmen friends inspiration and an idea of what an accepted essay looks like but i want to know if there are any precautions

If you show your essay to others, it's certainly possible that it could be copied and recycled. Of course, if it's submitted to a college next year (or any time down the road) and then the plagiarist is caught, you won't be at fault. The date of the submission will clearly be AFTER you applied to college yourself, and there's nothing unscrupulous about letting future college candidates see what you've written. So if you're worried about someone else using your essay, that's a legitimate concern, but ultimately it shouldn't reflect badly on YOU.

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