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Seven Things I Loved About College

Okay, I'm older than dirt, but I do have very vivid memories about my college daze, as I like to refer to them. My experience was in two parts. The first was the classical “go to college straight from high school" experience, which gave me a nice but unfocused year at Lycoming College, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Then my three-year “Vietnam period" delayed my final years at Penn State University, which dwelt at the other end of the intimacy spectrum from Lycoming. Both provided some remarkable memories.

I'll talk about seven things I loved this time and will get to the things I didn't love (“hate" is too strong a word for most) next time. Remember, even if you think I'm ancient (I'm 61 at this writing and was Class of '72 at Penn State), my list here should be relatively timeless and universal, even if you're still in high school. If I'm fortunate enough to have readers closer to my age, then maybe they can add some illumination and possible additions to my list. Here goes:

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