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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: September '13
With the fall semester underway, Punch is helping our high school brethren and sisthren (just go with us on that one) kick off the year right with ACT/SAT essentials, as well as insider advice for scoring a killer recommendation letter. Join the convo today at, and, as we mentioned last month, keep an eye out for the super-rad improvements to the forums coming later this fall!

Do I Really Need to Learn a Foreign Language?
Beyond the novel rush of being in the know—and the off chance it’ll land you a date with that cute exchange student—is there any good reason for non-business students to take a foreign language in college? Join the CC debate.
Former Teacher Reveals Recommendation Letter Secrets
Think your teachers are going to write you a college recommendation just because you avoided detention for four years? Think again. Scoring quality letters of recommendation takes knowhow. Lucky for you, we’ve got connections.
Don’t Fall Behind: Testing Timeline Essentials
It seems distant now, but graduation will be here before you know it. Start planning your testing attack to ensure a no-sweat score that will allow you to focus on a million other college-bound tasks—like which boots to wear with which jeans.
Halftime Dreams: Exploring HBCU Marching Bands

From the intricately choreographed routines, to the uniform-clad majors and majorettes marching downfield to the latest R&B and hip hop beats, discover why HBCU marching bands draw some of college’s biggest crowds.

Why Go to College When You Can Go Into Real Estate?

OK, so we realize not everyone has a burning passion for amortization and prime-rate mortgages, but can a case be made for avoiding college-loan debt by starting a viable (and potentially lucrative) career right after high school? CC users discuss.

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