Senioritis vs. The Final 10K

I remember the first time I ran a marathon. I had trained long and hard for it. The challenge of running 26.2 miles among fellow competitors was something to be cherished and my imaginations about doing that spurred me on during my nine-month training program. I needed something to keep my legs and mind focused while I was out there doing my 10, 15, and 20-mile training runs in all kinds of weather.

Thinking back on those days of preparation (I've done four marathons, including Boston), I recall my dedication under all kinds of circumstances, some not so enjoyable. One particular nasty winter here in the Northeast, I found myself on a narrow, icy back road on a near-zero-degree day, working to get in a meaningful 15-miler. That was the first time I ever saw tiny stalactites of ice hanging down from my eyebrows. But, that was okay in my book, because I had my eye on the goal: the marathon. I would do what it takes to get to the finish, both in my training schedule and on marathon day itself.

“So, Dave, why are we having to endure your saga about marathon training in an article about senioritis?" you ask. There's a simple answer: Finishing your senior year is a lot like finishing a marathon. You have to be aware of the dreaded “wall," that last 10K that separates you from the finish line. For all of you seniors, either those of you who have been accepted through Early Decision or Early Action, or those of you waiting to hear the results of your Regular Decision applications, the months from January through graduation are your final 10K. Don't hit the wall.Beware senioritis!

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