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Senior Pranks or Cranks?

High school is over for many seniors across the land, and ending soon for those who aren't done. One of the more controversial behaviors exhibited by these young men and women who are about to either head to college, the military, or just plain out into "the real world" is the vaunted Senior Prank. Now we all should know that a "prank" is, by definition, a mischievous trick or practical joke. When I think of "mischievous," I envision shaking hands with someone while holding one of those old windup, vibrating hand buzzers that you can buy in novelty stores. Of course, revealing that personal vision says a lot about my level of corny mischievousness.

A practical joke might be putting what looks like a can of nuts on a teacher's desk and then watching him or her open it only to be jolted by the spring-loaded "snake" that leaps forth when the lid is removed. To me, that's a practical joke, for better or worse, from the dark ages of my experience. These days, however, the pranks feature some very odd, edgy, and, unfortunately, destructive mischief and practical joking among some high school seniors.

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