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Seeking Admissions-Related News Items Like Those on College Confidential

Question: As the mother of a high school senior, I really appreciate the thoughtful College Confidential members who take the time to provide links to newspaper and magazine articles on admission themes that many of us might otherwise miss because they come from their own local publications (or because we're too busy with other things to see them ... like our CC obsession). ;) Recently I heard another parent mention a collection of such articles that's free to receive. Do you know what this is?

I bet you're referring to High School Counselor Week. This is the brainchild of Gene Kalb, a Massachusetts publisher and parent, who has definitely earned his place in heaven by providing a service that is indeed free and available to all. HS Counselor Week is a compendium of admissions-related articles that come from a wide range of media outlets. For instance, the current edition features stories from nationally renowned sources (e.g., The Boston Globe; The Baltimore Sun; USA Today) as well as from less celebrated ones (The Lake Oswego Review;, Topics range from the usual suspects ("A crisis of spiraling tuition;" "How to help your child adapt to college life") to less familiar fare ("Sleep-deprived teens may eat more fatty foods;" "Finding Applicants Who Plagiarize" ).

Although originally intended to keep school counselors in the loop, a no-strings-attached subscription is offered to anyone who asks. Just go to to sign up for the weekly newsletter. You can register for a regional edition (Northeast, Midwest, South, or West) or--for true admissions-info addicts--all four. Most of the articles in each version are the same, but there are some local-issue additions, too. HS Counselor Week has a Web site as well, although, being something of an old-fashioned girl, I like the newsletter format because it bangs right into my inbox every Thursday during the school year, where I am not likely to overlook it.

Admittedly, I tend to scan first for the articles with College Confidential mentions or with quotes ... and misquotes :mad: ... from me. But even though I've been in this biz for eons, I often find informative breaking news in HSCW ("Colorado College will accept AP, IB instead of SAT" ) along with sound advice ("Is Your Child Going Away To College? Get A Health Care Proxy, Now!" ).

So, my best guess is that HS Counselor Week is the round-up you heard about. Perhaps once you've registered and start receiving it, you can become one of those thoughtful CC members who shares media resources with others. :lol: