Paying for College

Searching for Summer Jobs

Even though it's still February as I write this, it's not too early to be starting your summer job search. School will end in early June for most high school students and colleges can end as early as mid-May. As with most things in life these days, applying and getting a summer job can be exceedingly competitive. I don't have to mention the job situation here in our American economy. Many adults will be in the applicant pools for summer jobs that have traditionally be the province of teenagers. Things are tough out there.

So what should you be doing now to prepare yourself for the search? Perhaps the best mindset to have is that of a marketer. You have to think of yourself as more than just a person. Instead, add a component of "product" to how you think of yourself. Sure, you look good. You have all the right clothes, know how to find your way around most computers and software, and can even talk a good game. But what evidence can you present to that decision-making individual who has the power to put you on the payroll that will convince him or her that you are the real deal? How can you document your value? Well, an impressive résumé can be the key to unlock all those doors.

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