Do "All Scores" Colleges Really Want Every SAT And ACT Score?


Question: I'm applying to some very selective colleges that require all test scores. If I take both the SAT and the ACT, does this mean that I have to send all of my SAT results and all of my ACT results, or does it mean that I can just send all of my scores on one of these tests but don't have to mention that I took the other? I've taken the SAT twice so far and the ACT just once. My SAT scores were pretty good so I might take the SAT again, but my ACT wasn't so hot so I don't want to retake it or use that score on my applications unless I have to.

This is a sensible question and it deserves a sensible answer. But, instead, you are going to get only an unsatisfying “it depends" from “The Dean." Like so many aspects of the crazy admissions process, there is no consistency here. Some “All Scores" colleges expect to receive every score from either the SAT or the ACT, but students who tried the two tests -- like you did -- are not obligated to report scores from both. Some colleges, however, really mean all scores. Therefore, for those colleges, you'd have to submit results from your two (or possibly three) SAT sittings as well as from the ACT.

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