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Score Choice + "Send All Scores"--Which Scores Are Sent?

Question: The College Board states: "Score Choice gives you the option to choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests) you send to colleges — in accordance with an institution's stated score-use practice"

Does this mean that, if a college is listed as

"Send all scores," if I choose "Score Choice," will all my scores be sent to the college anyway?

"The Dean" does not blame you for being confused about this!

If a college wants you to submit all SAT scores then YOU must tell the College Board to send the scores. This is all done on the honor system. The scores will NOT be sent unless you order them.

You are not supposed to use the Score Choice option for colleges that insist on seeing all your results, although the colleges will have no way of knowing if you complied with the request or not (unless your high school routinely puts test scores on transcripts. In this case, the colleges will see whatever the high school guidance office includes.)

I'm sure that some students cheat and use Score Choice when they're not supposed to. But, like in many other instances in life, this is really a question of personal integrity and responsibility.

Ideally, all colleges will eventually decide to honor Score Choice, which will help make this already too-confusing process a bit less so, but so far we aren't there yet.