Paying for College

Saving on College Supplies

College costs more than just tuition, room, and board. I'm always amused every summer by the threads that appear on the College Confidential discussion forum about “What to buy for college?" Usually, it's mothers looking out for their sons and daughters. My favorite threads are the ones about sheets. “Should we buy king-size sheets?" “What about fitted sheets?" “How many sets of sheets should we get?" And so on.

Enough already about sheets! Your newly minted college student doesn't really care all that much about his or her sheets. In fact, if your soon-to-be college frosh is a guy, not only will he not care about his sheets, but he also won't be washing them anytime in the near future. When he arrives home for Thanksgiving break, you had better call your local HazMat team to lead the way when opening that laundry bag he drags home.

Anyway, my point here is that you should be thinking about two things right now: (1) What non-sheets-related items will my collegian need? and (2) How can I save money on those items? Not everything will be available at Walmart, so you'll need some way to know what goes on your list and where to find it at the best price.

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