Are SAT's Required for International Applicants to Parsons?

Question: Hi, I have gone through all the requirements to apply for a BFA (Photography) at Parsons School The New School of Design in NYC. Nowhere is it specified that international students have to submit their SAT scores.

Are SAT scores compulsory for admission to Parsons for international students?

The admissions maze can be difficult and frustrating to navigate, and searching for information on college Web sites often feels like a wild goose chase. When I looked for SAT/ACT requirements on the Parsons Web site, I saw that these tests are required ONLY for domestic students. So I called the school to confirm and was told by “Charlene" that this is indeed correct. International students do not have to submit SAT or ACT results. But, if English isn't your native language, you WILL have to prove English proficiency:

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