Preparing for College

SAT's Now for Community College-Bound Student or at Transfer Time?

Question: I already decided that I'm going to community college for two years first and then will go to a state college. Is it best that I take my SAT's now, as a high school senior, even though I won't be needing them, or should I wait until I'm about to enter state college?

This probably isn't the answer that you'd hope to get, but my advice is that you may want to do BOTH.

I suggest that you take the SAT's twice ... once now and then again when you're ready to apply to a four-year school. Why? Well, you may be better prepared to take this sort of test while you're still in high school and the math material that is included on the SAT is freshest for you. (This, of course, will depend on the classes you plan to take next year and the following.)

You also may be more accustomed to multiple-choice test-taking now than you will in a couple years. In addition, if you don't do well on the SAT this time around, you will at least get some indication of your weak spots, and you can pick classes next year and the following one to improve in those areas, if you so choose.

Of course, if you take the SAT while still in high school, and you're happy with your results, then you won't have to re-test in two years. :) The scores are considered valid for five.

Good luck to you, whatever you decide.