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SAT's for Middle Schooler?

Question: Dear Dean, Thank you for reading my question.  My daughter is in Middle School and is in a talent program through a well known University.  In order to qualify for another program, they request that she take the SAT.  I am concerned that taking it too early and perhaps doing great on one part and doing poorly on another will "stick" with her through high school.  Can you shed some light on how Colleges/Universities view SAT scores sent prior to high school or if they will show up on her SAT record given the time lapse.  I've heard some schools require ALL SAT scores.  Thanks so much!!

If your daughter is in 8th grade or younger and takes the SAT, her scores do NOT become part of her permanent unless she submits a request to the College Board to have the scores saved. This request must be received before August of the year in which she tested, otherwise the scores go up in smoke even before she starts high school.

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