More SAT's for High-Scoring Frosh?


My daughter who is a high school freshmen just took the SAT and scored a 2310.  Will colleges accept this score as a freshmen if she decides not to take the test again or if she doesn’t top this score?  How do you think elite colleges will view the fact that she achieved such a high score as a freshmen?  And finally, will the new SAT in 2016 complicate matters?

Colleges will typically accept SAT scores that are up to five years old, so your daughter’s freshman scores should be fine in that respect. The admission officials at “elite” colleges will note that your daughter achieved these high scores at a young age, and this will be impressive. Presumably, she will also take two or more SAT Subject Tests in the years ahead, so colleges will have some newer scores to consider in addition to the 9th-grade scores. However, my vote would be for her to test one more time down the road. Why?

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