Preparing for College


Question: I am am a student in Canada doing some preliminary research on colleges (especially Ivy League). I have been more and more aware that SATs and ACTs are both accepted in the application process. This may be a naive question, but in your opinion, which one is higher weighed? Are they equally accepted, or does one have a higher status? Personally, I find that the ACT fits my learning style better.

The SAT I is the more commonly accepted test for elite admissions (Ivy League, etc.). Colleges in the Midwestern and Southeastern U.S. tend to prefer the ACT, but overall, the SAT is king.

If you feel that you can do better on the ACT, then go ahead and take it. Colleges make a conversion of the ACT scores to see your SAT equivalency. Why not take both and see on which one you do better, then submit the better score?