SAT Re-Test for Near-Perfect Scores With Lower Essay?

Question: My child got these SAT scores: Reading 800, Math 800, and Writing 720, with an Essay score of 8. He is a very strong writer, a top student in AP Lit. Somehow he didn’t do well on the essay. Does he need to retake the SAT? Thanks.

“The Dean” recommends that your child NOT re-take the SAT. Given those very strong scores, he would run the risk of having admission officials think that he is an obsessive perfectionist if he were to try the tests again. 😉 You shouldn’t worry about the essay score. Many of the most selective colleges don’t use it at all, and it will take a back seat to his 800’s, regardless of where he applies. It’s not as if an 8 is a disaster. Your son may indeed be able to do better, but he definitely doesn’t have to.


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