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SAT Prep: Quick Hits

It's that time of year again: SAT time. All over America (and even the world), high school seniors are hoping for another shot at improving their scores. For those who are considering Early Action or Early Decision, the October administration (and even November, for some colleges) is a last chance to improve their numerical profiles before applications go in.

Diligent "rising" seniors used the summer months to do their test prep. Others, who may have been traveling or working, may have decided (or needed) to wait until the fall to get in some last-minute strategy refreshing. Some students who are sensitive to their learning styles, may have deliberately waited until the eleventh hour to prepare. In my case, looking back across the decades to my high school career (back when the earth's tectonic plates were still jostling for position), I recall that I did best when I crammed, just before the test. Long-term studying seemed to evaporate in my brain like the fog on a cool, sunny, summer morning.

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