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SAT and AP Exam Score Reports

Question: I took the SAT I and II last spring as a junior, along with two AP tests. When I ask the College Board to send my SAT I scores to four colleges this fall (that don't require SAT IIs), will my SAT II results be automatically put on my score report? How about my AP exam scores?

According to the College Board, SAT score reports are cumulative histories of scores earned on SAT Is and SAT IIs from grade 9 to grade 12. When a request is made to send scores, then all scores of record up to the date the request is made will appear on the report sent. (The only exception would be SAT II scores earned during the years that Score Choice was in effect and which were put on hold and left on hold, but that wouldn't apply to you, since you took your SAT IIs after the Score-Choice era had ended.)

AP scores and SAT scores are not sent together, so those four colleges that receive your SAT scores will not see your AP results unless you have them sent separately.