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Roommate Regrets Yet?

As I write this blog week after week, I can't help but think about my college days (yeah, you could use the word “daze" there, too). I often think of my old roommate, Greg, and wonder whatever happened to him. I think I found him on the Web, but haven't summoned enough motivation to try to contact him.

Don't mention Facebook or Twitter to me, though. I must be one of only two or three carbon-based lifeforms on the planet who doesn't have a Facebook account. That's just fine with me. If I want to know what you had for lunch or the color you decided to paint your bathroom, I'll just call you or send an email. I don't need a second-by-second Tweet-storm from you, thanks very much. Please don't get me started on social media, the bane of modern society, in my view.

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