Rising Seniors: Think Ahead to Fall


I have to admit that I dislike seeing spring fashions appear in stores during the depths of winter. That's almost as annoying as seeing grocery stores haul out their Halloween candy, ghosts and goblins right after Labor Day. And who can ignore the “pre-Black Friday" sales that descend on us as soon as the pumpkins and skeletons disappear after October 31? Rushing the season is something that gets worse every year, it seems. I plead guilty today with this article, which hopefully will help all you about-to-be rising seniors prepare to construct your Common Applications this fall, as you begin your college process journey.

I've always been an advocate of getting a solid head start, so I'm hoping that you'll ponder this information as you enjoy your summer break. Think of it as a means to bring out the best about who you are when you address the admissions committees at the various colleges to which you'll be applying. Think of it as a way to market yourself. If you don't “sell" yourself in the best possible light, no one else will, that's for sure. Your competition will be formidable.

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