Rising Seniors: Hit The Ground Running When School Starts

Did you ever notice how summer gets shorter and shorter the older you get? My birthday always hovered around the last day of school. I recall those days fondly, especially when I was in elementary school. I would ride the bus home on that last day knowing that I had birthday presents waiting for me. What a way to kick off the summer! June, July, and August yawned before me like the lazy, long yawns I would emit lying on our porch glider, reading Archie comics and baseball magazines. Those were the seeming endless summers. Those were the days!

Of course, during my high school years I had other priorities than Jughead, Betty, and Veronica (I always preferred Veronica). There were sports (tennis), part-time jobs (busboy, Cold Power sample delivery boy, etc.), and cars (my freedom machine), among other diversions. The only thing that loomed for me on the horizon was that dark Day Before School Starts. Maybe you know that feeling. June and July seem filled with so many days that it seems as though vacation will never end. Then August dawns and as each of its successive weeks expires, a mounting feeling of dread creeps into your thinking. Some obsessive teens create a countdown calendar and dutifully “X" out each precious dwindling August day as the reckoning inches closer. Some obsessives start their calendar in June, beginning the day after school ends.

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