Riding In Cars With Boys? How Will My Daughter Come Home from College?

Question: In September, my daughter will be attending a university in Boston, which is about five hours by car from our home. I'm nervous about her leaving home, but I'm obsessing even MORE about how she comes back. She's already gathering names of other local underclassmen with cars who can drive her home for vacations in exchange for a contribution to their gas costs. This is a concept that I remember well from my own college days, but now I'm having a hard time accepting the idea of my daughter riding with a stranger--even a fellow student--who may be inexperienced driving long distances on major highways and in bad weather. Is this ride-sharing still a common practice?

"The Dean" also recalls being stuffed like a sardine in a dilapidated Dodge Dart, chipping in a couple bucks to cover the cost of gas and tolls from Massachusetts back to Philadelphia. Yet, in recent years, I've often noted that the many of my contemporaries who share similar memories nonetheless provide vacation-time chauffeur service for their own offspring. Sure, some kids still ride home with other students, but that seems to be more the exception these days and less the norm.

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