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Resume Building for Homeschoolers

Question: I'm a homeschooler. Student profiles seem only to apply to public school students, and it's very difficult to come up with resume builders. If you have any ideas, what would they be?

Being a homeschooler can offer both advantages and some disadvantages. As far as so-called resume building goes, you have the opportunity to become involved in an interesting range of activities similar to students in public schools. You'll just have to be a little more creative, that's all.

For example, public schools offer a number of organized clubs, special-interest groups, and sports. Homeschoolers often have to turn to their communities to find similar activities, but if you become involved, you may find your experiences to be a bit more wide-ranging because school groups tend to be more closed-circuited than community groups. Therefore, you would be exposed to a broader range of people and possible positive networking experiences. If you are a musician, you could try out for a local musical group such as a symphony orchestra, string ensemble, or--better yet--start your own group and plan some specialized applications such as playing in nursing homes or hospitals. The same theory applies to other talents like art, writing, poetry, or whatever.

The issue of sports is a bit different. It depends on what the policies are at the various schools in your area. Some schools allow homeschoolers to participate in varsity sports, some do not. If you are interested in participating, then you'll have to check with the administrators of the various schools for which you would like to play. Even if you are allowed to play, there may be certain requirements for homeschoolers.

Finally, I would highly recommend that you do two things: (1) read the highly informative homeschooling threads on our College Confidential discussion forum at:

and search the Web for some of the many excellent homeschooling information sites. Go to and search for the phrase "homeschool information." You'll get many links from which to choose.