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Resolution Revolution

It's early January, the beginning of a new year. College students have returned to campus after what may have been a long holiday break and are ready to undertake what seems like the longest stretch of the academic year. In other words, it's back to business … big time.

Of course, this time of (New) year, we keep hearing about so-called resolutions. “What resolutions have you made this year?" is a sometimes annoying question that fills our ears in January. My crotchety response is always, “I have resolved not to make any resolutions!" That just me, though.

What I'd like to address today, for all you college students and even forward-thinking high school students, is how to make your school year better by actually making some resolutions for the New Year that will improve your life on campus and/or academically. Don't worry, though. There's plenty of time in your (much) later life for you to get grouchy like I am about resolutions.

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