Is a Request for More Finaid Info a Sign of Good News Ahead?

Question: My daughter applied Early Action to Yale and was deferred. This week (early Feb.) the College Board notified her that Yale has requested additional CSS PROFILE information. Does that mean she will be accepted or am I reading too much into this?

We know how tempting it is to look for all signs of encouragement as you wade through the college-admissions quagmire, but the request for additional PROFILE information does not mean that your daughter should start packing for New Haven just yet. She may indeed be admitted in April, but at present she's merely under consideration. Yale admission is "need-blind." That is, the admission officials who determine whether a student is in or out are doing so without any details about the applicant's financial status. However, at the same time that these folks are making their decisions, the financial aid staff is weeding through stacks of finaid applications to make sure all data is complete. One hand is not working in concert with the other at this point.

We wish we could be the bearers of good news, but hopefully that will still come in April. Let us know how your daughter makes out.