How to Report GPA After 3 High Schools in 4 years?

Question: Due to circumstances beyond our control, my son has attended 3 high schools in 4 years. He's a stellar student with a high ACT score who's excelled at all schools. But the grading systems at each of his schools is different, so we're not sure of how he should report his GPA on his applications. OUR PROBLEM IS... the guidance counselor at his current school (for his 11 & 12 grades) doesn't want to report ANY GPA on a 4pt scale, unweighted or weighted. He wants to simply report only the percentage total for 11th grade at their school which is 97. I didn't even think it was reasonable to report a percentage as a GPA on the common app. I've always been told that it's expected that GPA is reported on a 4pt or 5pt scale.

My son is applying to very selective colleges and has been nominated for several major merit scholarships, too. He has been through so much with 3 school changes, yet he's persistently excelled. Thus we want his GPA to be accurately and fairly reported in order to give him the best possible chance for acceptances and scholarships. So how should he go about reporting his GPA?

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