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Relative Value in Colleges

We've been having some power outages in our area over the past several months. Maybe it's due to the strain being put on the regional grid by all the air conditioning people are using. This summer (as I write this) has been the hottest in many years. In my experience, it has been the hottest since 1988, when I saw some legitimate 100-degree days. Anyway, the annoying (and potentially destructive (think frozen foods)) outages got me to think seriously about buying a power generator that could get us through a day or two of a more serious outage. A while back, I asked a local HVAC contractor for a bid on a "backup" generator for my house and his bid came in at just under $10,000 (!). Well, I didn't need (or want) to spend that much.

So, after yet another minor (reset all the electric digital clocks in the house) outage yesterday, I purposed to find a reasonably priced unit that was nothing stellar but one that got excellent reviews and provided excellent value. (See? We're finally getting closer to the point here.) I found one on for $300 and they offered me free shipping. The reviews averaged 4.25 stars out of 5. That's a high rating. People said that this unit would do exactly what I needed: get me through a day or so of no power and allow our lives to be relatively "normal." So, I ordered it. I'll need to buy a few accessories, which won't cost more than $100. Thus, I'll be somewhat prepared the next time the grid goes down for a while.

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