Bad College News So Far: How Can I Improve My Outcomes?

Jorge Fernandez Salas

I am in a bad and unexpected situation. I was rejected from my top choice (Stanford) and got deferred at my safeties (Wisconsin and Michigan). I also applied to Georgia Tech, UNC and Caltech for Computer Science but have not heard from them yet. I got a 1600 SAT. I also have taken 14 AP classes and got a B in just three classes through all of HS, the rest were A's. I know my race (Chinese-American) may have been working against me, but at my high school in Maine I am one of very few Asians. I'm ranked 28th in my class of about 800 kids. I am now getting ready to submit to Princeton, Northwestern, Harvard and Yale but I'm trying to figure out what I might need to do differently to make these outcomes better than the first three. Can you help?

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