Preparing for College

Regarding Thin Envelopes

The dust has pretty much settled on this year's college admissions season. Of course, there are still some "rolling" admissions schools out there who never seem to establish a hard application deadline, plus there are always those schools who need to fill more spaces in their dorms when they don't accomplish needed enrollment goals. Those schools will begin soliciting bodies after the May 1 enrollment deadline, which is coming up pretty quick. These days, with dwindling family financial resources and colleges with aid packages that aren't what they used to be, times are tough for both families and schools.

But what about those of you who have already seen the final results of your application quest? You likely have a pile of "fat" envelopes (big mail packages welcoming you to the Class 0f 2016 (I still can't get used to seeing years with those high numbers)) and a few "thin" ones that bear the unpleasant news of "rejection." I prefer the term "denial." Personally, I would rather be denied something rather than be rejected from it. "Deny" has less sting, I think.

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