Preparing for College

Regarding College Visits

As we head past mid-August, many high school seniors are involved in a couple of important activities. First, they are preparing to return to school for the final chapter in their long run from K-12. Second, a good number of them are visiting colleges.

Many family vacations happen in August, so it makes sense, if possible, to plan a route that intersects a college or two (or maybe even three) for a visit. Granted, taking a college tour and inspecting dorm rooms isn't as exciting as hitting the beach or seeing the Grand Canyon, but it can provide a crucial glimpse into the realities of prospective colleges.

I'm inundated with college-related press releases. Every now and then, one lands in my inbox that I feel is worth sharing with my readers. One that landed yesterday focuses on college visits and has some reasonable thoughts. I thought I would share some of that information today.

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