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Recommended B.A./M.D Programs?

Question: Which colleges are recommended to complete an undergrad and medical degree togther in 6/7/8 years. Thanks

It's not responsible for an Internet "Dean" to recommend a combo-med college (or ANY college) without knowing a lot about the student involved. However, you may find this earlier "Ask the Dean" column helpful: It's about seven or eight years old but the information it contains is still current.

Above all, I can't emphasize enough how competitive these programs are. Combo-med programs are usually far more selective than their host institution at large. For instance, a young man I worked with nearly a decade ago was turned down by the University of Rochester's Early Medical Scholars program but he went on to excel as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania and then at Harvard Medical School. Another student in my orbit is currently an undergrad at Yale but was denied at the two combo-med programs she aimed for ... at Boston University and George Washington University.

On the other hand, a young woman I advised is now in the B.A./M.D program at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She was a very good student in high school, but her grades and test scores weren't as strong as those of the two Ivy Leaguers cited above. However, her passion for a career in medicine--which came across clearly in her extracurricular endeavors and her essays--probably played a key role in her acceptance.

So, while it's impossible to counsel a student in Cyberspace whom I know nothing about, at least I can warn that student that all the combo-med programs set the bar very, very high.

(posted 2/28/2012)