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Reapplying Post-Rejection

Question: I was rejected by NYU, which was my only college choice. If I reapply next year via Early Decision, will I have a chance of being accepted?

I'm sorry that you didn't get the news you wanted from NYU. If you were to reapply Early Decision for next year, it is unlikely that anything would change. You really need to attend college elsewhere for at least a year, accumulate a strong academic record, and then apply as a transfer. The reason why I'm not optimistic about Early Decision is because, by the time your ED application is reviewed, you won't have yet received your first-semester grades from another college. Thus, the NYU admission folks will have little to go on other than the record they've already seen ... and rejected. However, if you apply REGULAR DECISION, as a transfer, they WILL be able to see what you've accomplished in the first semester at college.

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