Reapplying to Colleges that Said NO

Question: This March, I was accepted to Claremont McKenna College, but I was rejected by most of my top choice colleges, like Stanford, Williams, and Brown. Even though CMC is a very prestigious college renowned for happiest campus life, I still can't brush aside my obsession toward my top choices and still feel so dejected.

Taking a gap year was my first thought. The first and foremost thing I would like to do during the gap year is to retake SAT and increase my score, because my low SAT should had been one of the biggest reasons I was rejected. Then I will focus on maintaining community service regarding human rights I used to do as the club leader and other ECs during HS periods.

I wonder if this is good idea, and maybe it's just that my obsession that hinders me from seeing my situation objectively. Could you please help me to make right decision?

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