Real-World Value from College

I often wonder if it's fair to expect a high school senior to know which direction s/he wants his/her life to go at such a young age. When I think back across my own late-teenage years, most of what I recall relates to mild-to-moderate confusion, lack of focus, and a desire to seemingly always "doing something else." I wasn't alone.

A fair number of my friends lacked a clear, positive, forward vector that took them into a preselected path through college. Some of those dropped out due to lack of funds or interest. Others made course corrections that extended both their time on campus beyond the traditional four years and increased their loan debt. Of course, some did manage to leave high school armed with a properly discerned and chosen direction for their life's work. They managed to be successful but they were also definitely in the minority of this group I knew and kept track of as their lives unfolded.

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