Are Language Study Requirements Waived for Bi-Lingual Student?

My oldest son, who is a junior in HS, grew up bilingual (in the US). He is fluent in both languages. Do colleges disregard this fact, when they are looking for the 2-4 years of the same foreign language in HS on the college application? Or do they acknowledge his foreign language skill as a substitute for the HS language course requirement? (He had only 2 years of HS Spanish, but decided to follow other interests for his Junior and Senior year). I would love to get an answer for this, as nobody seems to know how this works in his case. Do you?

If your son is applying to colleges that expect only two years of foreign language, then obviously his two years of Spanish will suffice. But for the more selective schools (the ones that want three and even four years of foreign language … and, preferably, of the SAME language), then this requirement (or, more commonly, "recommendation") will NOT be fulfilled because of the fact that your son is bi-lingual.

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