Rankled by College Rankings?

Late summers mean U.S. News college rankings. There are also a number of other college rankings that explore various collegiate aspects, such as value, cost, dorm quality, food appeal, etc. However, the U.S. News rankings are responsible for most of the angst and arguments among those who seem to be swept up in their “importance." As Clark Gable said to Vivian Leigh at the end of Gone with the Wind, though, frankly, I don't give a &#@* about college rankings. Maybe you shouldn't care, either.

There's an interesting article in The New York Times about this very subject. D. D. Guttenplan, in Re-Evaluating the College Rankings Gamewrites, “Although the rating of colleges and universities around the world has been heavily criticized by educators and politicians alike, the academic rankings business is big, and booming.

This fall, U.S. News and World Report, which published its first list of “America's Best Colleges" back in 1983, will release its first guide to higher education in the Arab world … So who will rank the rankings?"

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