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Question (from 10th grader): Is there anything that I could do to raise my PSAT scores? I took them this fall and got a 550 on the math and 600 on the verbal. I also want to know how important AP classes are for top colleges -- I am taking US History AP next year, but am considering taking AP Chemistry, which would be quite a stretch for me (my grades are good in math but it's not my best subject). I might take accelerated chemistry, but would that not look as good on applications? Does it look better if you go to a state or Ivy League school if you are planning to be in prelaw? (The $ difference IS incredible)!!!

You can raise both your PSAT and SAT I scores by studying the same materials. You can take an expensive SAT-prep course for $600-800 or you can buy self study guides (Princeton Review's is my favorite) and save a lot of money, if you're willing to do the work yourself. Also, get College Board's "10 Real SATs" and practice with actual tests. That's probably the best book to go along with the study guides.

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