Q: Are You Worthy? A: Yes!

We're now past that mid-December period when all the high school seniors' Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) results have been issued. Every year, there's good news, bad news, and yet-to-be-decided news. Those three outcomes comprise acceptances, denials (a.k.a. "rejections"), and deferrals. Do you possess one of these?

I'd like to address the denied/rejected group today. For you, your mid-December news was seemingly bad. Your hopes of ending your college process early were dashed by the content of that letter, email, or portal message. Now, you must wait until spring (a seeming eternity away) to get the remainder of your application results. Of course, that's assuming that you have managed a smart college-process plan and have a remaining set of RD applications out there across a spread of schools among which is at least one solid hope of "safety" admission.

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