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Put the Finishing Touches on Your SAT Prep

The Princeton Review | YouTube

Less than a week out from the SAT? Watch our experts explain the best things you can do to prep for the SAT in a short amount of time.

While we're not recommending cramming ALL of your SAT prep into one study session, we do have some tips for what to concentrate on right before the test. Keep these last-minute SAT tips in mind to make sure you get all the points you deserve.

1. You Don't Have to Finish the Entire Test to Get A Great Score...

Remember, you're not scored on how many questions you answer. You're scored on how many questions you answer correctly.

2. ...But Timing Is Still Really Important

A smart pacing strategy is the best way to take control over this notoriously high-pressure test. By "pacing," we mean how you distribute your time across the SAT.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Another way to put this: Accuracy is better than speed. It's important to go through each question carefully to make sure you're getting as many questions right as you can.

4. Save Yourself From Trap Questions

Are you spending nine minutes and counting on one reading passage? Move on! The very next question might offer easy points for you and all questions count the same amount.

5. Figure out What Kinds of Questions YOU Find Easy Or Hard

Do you ace geometry questions but have a tough time with trig? Knowing your strengths and weakness will help understand when to stay and when to skip.

6. Recognize When You're Panicking

It's totally normal to panic. But if you have a game plan, you'll always have that strategy to fall back on. So if you find yourself rushing or freaking out, recognize it, stop, take a deep break and focus on just what the question is asking.