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Public Service Announcements vs. Drinking

I think we're all pretty much aware that binge drinking in college (and even high school) is a major concern for parents and school administrators. Unfortunately, it seems as though almost every school year, we read of a senseless death or two related to drinking. Scenes of Animal House Delta fraternity's pledge activities and general partying come to mind. Like any other public health problem, such as obesity and drug use, the government and special interest groups spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on Public Service Announcements (PSAs), which are supposed to help us become aware of the problem and, hopefully, change our behaviors.

Personally, I've always been somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness level of these announcements. I try to imagine a typical college underclassman, particularly a freshman, watching TV (if he can pull himself away from his smartphone, iPad, Xbox, iPod, etc) and seeing one of these PSAs. I'm wondering is his reaction might be, "Geez. They're telling me that drinking can be harmful to my health. Well, then, it's time for me to shape up!" LOL. I don't think so. How about you?

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