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PSAT Scores Online?

Question: I took the PSAT this fall, and I heard the scores would be posted online. Where can I find this?

If you visit the College Board Web site (, you will see that PSAT results are sent to your school, and you are not able to retrieve them online. (Note the Q&A from that site, below.)

Q: When and how will I receive my PSAT/NMSQT scores?
A: Your score reports are mailed to your high school principal by mid-December. Each school decides how and when to distribute the scores to students. Check with your counselor if you have not yet received your scores. PSAT/NMSQT scores are not available by phone or online. Go to the Truth about Your Scores for more information about score reports.

Students who take the SAT, however (and pay a supplementary fee) can get those scores either online or by telephone. This is probably why you were led to believe that PSAT scores are available electronically as well.

While you won’t find the information you seek about your specific scores, if you visit the College Board site and click on “Taking the Tests” and follow the links to the PSAT, you can access some general information about score interpretation and other useful details about the test.

You were wise to take the PSAT as a sophomore, because now you are in a position to work on weak spots before you have to take your SATs. Also keep in mind that, if you are in classes this year that you won’t be taking at a higher level down the road (e.g., perhaps biology), you may want to take the SAT II Subject Test in that area this spring.