Is My PSAT 10 Score Good?

Question: I just got my PSAT 10 scores back from this fall and I got a 1270/1520- where does that fall on the scale out of 1600 or even 2400? Would this be considered a "good" score or does it need improvement to apply to selective colleges?

Students often ask “The Dean" if their test scores are “good" for “selective" colleges. And The Dean is always tempted to reply with her usual cop-out answer, “It depends." That's because “selective" means different things to different people. For instance, Stanford University, which accepts only about 5% of all applicants, is certainly a selective college, but so is, say, George Washington University, where about 40% of all applicants get good news. But, of course, median test scores vary from college to college, so in order to determine if your scores are good, it's helpful to have a few target colleges in mind already, even as a sophomore, and look up their median numbers.

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