Preparing for College

Promoting Your Accomplishments

In today's world, we are being constantly bombarded by advertising intended to "market" this or that product or service. I foresee a future world where advertisements and slick 30-second commercials are beamed directly into our heads. We'll be taking a nice quiet walk in the autumn woods when suddenly, out of nowhere, we'll hear a shrill voice inside our brain shout, "Midnight Madness Sale!" This may be reason enough to volunteer for that upcoming "Populate Mars" mission, although how long will it be until there are billboards on the Red Planet?

Anyway, although it may seem that I'm taking the scenic route to my point here, keep in mind that when you begin to assemble your college applications this fall, you'll be the "marketing" person. You'll be the advertiser of who you are and what you've done. Getting into a good college is a lot like trying to get a good job. In both cases, you need a way to sell yourself. That's where your résumé comes in.

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