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Professors Strike Back!

Do you know about Rate My Professors dot com? If you don't, you may want to spend a little time doing some research there. Of course, this information may be most valuable for those of you recent high school graduates who are heading to college this fall. Let's say that you have enrolled at Penn State University-University Park and are going to major in business. This is where Rate My Professors (RMP) can be a helpful resource.

For example, go to RMP's home page and select PSU-UP. Then, select the Business department from the drop-down menu up top. This will give you a compilation of all the professors listed from PSU's Business department. Next, scan the left-hand margin for smiley- or frown-face symbols. These give you a quick glimpse of the overall mood of student comments about a certain professor. I did a quick review of PSU's biz profs and found one with a frown face: Terry Margolis (whom I do not know and have never heard of before today}. Here are three non-smiley comments from Margolis' students:

-Didn't like the class. Barely passed. The best thing to do is memorize that packet with the powerpoints. That's the only way you will pass but he does not round up grades or give a curve.

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