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Privacy: The Final Frontier

The West Wing was a superior TV drama series that ran from 1999 to 2006. I was a big fan and watched all the episodes a couple times and may even revisit them again. One particularly memorable scene for me involved a discussion in the Oval Office about the surging technological pace. One of the president's senior advisors, after pondering the benefits and consequences of such advancement, made a prediction that has proved to be prophetic: Privacy is the final frontier.

I'll shout a hearty Amen! to that. Take a look around our world today. We're on the verge of instantaneous global communication. Oprah is touting her "No texting" pledge for drivers who insist on thumbing out mindless Tweets while hurtling down the road toward us, just the other side of that useless yellow line. Facebook is attracting the dregs of humanity and providing a forum for all our dirty laundry. Web cams are spying on hotel bathrooms, dorm rooms, and have been installed under women's office desks. I won't even mention spy satellites that can read designer clothing labels from outer space. What's a private person to do, especially those of us in very public places, like dorm rooms?

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