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Princeton Chances for Hispanic Male?

Question: What are the odds of a Hispanic male student getting accepted into Princeton University under Early Decision?

Hispanic students do get a "hook" in the admissions process at Princeton. Institutions that were known for decades as bastions of white privilege are certainly looking to diversify their students bodies, and thus they are eager to recruit talented minority students--especially Hispanics who are still underrepresented in elite-college applicant pools.

However, some students today overestimate the admissions advantages that come with a minority background. Many other factors come into play when admission decisions are made: high school course selection and grades; extracurricular accomplishments; family demographics, etc. At the most selective schools like Princeton, students from disadvantaged Hispanic households will be granted more leeway when admission decisions are made than those who have enjoyed a more privileged upbringing. However, admission officials also want to make sure that they don't put disadvantaged applicants whose grades and test scores fall below the norm in a position where they are apt to fail. So each candidate is scrutinized quite carefully and judged on his or her individual merits.

It's impossible to estimate the odds of YOUR acceptance without knowing a lot more about you. The statistics on overall Hispanic male Early Decision admission are meaningless since these numbers will vary from year to year based on the strength of the applicant pool.