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Welcome to College Confidential's Online Press Center! College Confidential and its principals have been resources for major media stories on college admissions, financial aid, and every other aspect of the college process.

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College Confidential members often enjoy talking with the media, and the anecdotes and information they provide can be valuable to countless others when disseminated beyond the CC community. However, it is important to College Confidential to create an environment where our members understand where and how their comments will used, so please respect our media rules.

If you are looking for a new angle, check our Story Ideas. We update this periodically with our take on what college admissions issues and events might be most interesting to the general public and college-bound families.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or to schedule an interview with one of our experts.

Instructions for Journalists

Please read before posting on the College Confidential forum!

College Confidential welcomes journalists to our discussion forum. But, if you are a journalist planning to post on the CC forum in search of interview subjects, please read these instructions first:

1. Before posting, contact College Confidential Senior Advisor Sally Rubenstone at She must okay your query. If you proceed without permission, it is likely that a moderator will remove the post.

2. Your user name should be your own name (if a freelancer) or should include the name of your publication/employer (if a staff member). If you already have a College Confidential account that is NOT under your name or your organization's, you can use your existing account but must include the required information at the start of the post (e.g., “My name Lois Lane and I am a reporter for the Daily Planet"). Of course, if you actually write that, a mod is almost certain to remove your post. ;-)

3. The initial post—and all subsequent ones—must adhere to the College Confidential Terms of Services. You cannot include an email address or phone number. For more detail, please consult our TOS.

Company Vision and Overview

College Confidential will be the leader in college process advice and information, including free web-based resources and professional college counseling services.

Founded in 2001, College Confidential was established to meet the need for accessible college search and admissions information on the web. From information on Ivy League admissions and college rankings to tips on obtaining financial aid, College Confidential is the best web resource on college-related topics.

To address the myriad of questions college-bound students and their parents have while preparing for college, College Confidential offers a free service. The "Ask the Dean" section and the discussion forum are at no cost and contain answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. With volumes of information at a click of a mouse, College Confidential helps "first timer" students and parents understand the college admissions process like "old pros."


The principals active in College Confidential are Dave Berry, Co-Founder and Admissions Expert, Sally Rubenstone, Senior Advisor, and Roger Dooley, Managing Director (Cofounder).

Families Served

College Confidential has helped thousands of college-bound students and parents make sense out of the college search and admissions process. receives on average 300,000 visitors per month. Besides the resources available online, CollegeConfidential's professional and experienced staff has served as college counselors to dozens of students and parents preparing for college.

Here's what visitors are saying about College Confidential ...

"Thanks again for all the excellent information I have received from here. It has made a huge difference in my daughter's life." - PD
"This is a wonderful site—a real service to all!" -ASB
"I have enjoyed your entire web site and have recommended it. It is a wonderful community!" - CL
"Thank you for your prompt reply! I couldn't believe you answered so fast." - RS

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Reporter's Corner

College Confidential offers their assistance to reporters writing college-related stories. We are available for interviews or to provide answers to your questions-or at least direct you to where you can find credible answers to your questions. Please click here to contact us.

For your convenience, we have listed several suggested angles for a feature story:

  • Does More Money Equal Better Education: The Private v. Public College Debate
  • What It Takes To Make the Ivy League: An Inside Look at Ivy League Admissions
  • Top 10 Things to Look For During a Campus Visit
  • Does an Ivy League Degree Mean a Lifetime of Higher Income?
  • How Early is Too Early to Start the College Search?

Other College Confidential Resources.

Want to know what's on the mind of today's college-bound students and parents? Check the wildly popular College Discussion Forum at College Confidential—thousands visit it each day to post their questions and concerns and to interact with others dealing with the same issues.

Another resource is College Confidential's Ask The Dean feature. This frequently updated advice feature answers questions submitted by students and parents from around the world. It's a great source of ideas as well as authoritative answers to frequently asked questions.

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