Preparing for College

Preferential Admissions for Staff Offspring?

Question: Does having a parent employed at a university (particularly an Ivy League university) increase your chances of being accepted? Does a specific level of employment at that university increase your chances more than a different level of employment?

Most institutions give some sort of preferential treatment to faculty and staff offspring. However, the applicants must meet the usual admission standards for that school in order to qualify. Only rarely will colleges dip below their typical "admit" level to accept an employee-connected candidate. Because admission standards at Ivy League schools are so high, and because these colleges are so popular among ALL high school students--including staff progeny--a staff connection at an Ivy can carry less clout than at other schools, but it's still worth something.

Colleges may not admit it, but the greatest preference usually goes to the children of campus VIPS (top administrators, key faculty members) and also to those who hail from blue-collar backgrounds (the offspring of custodial or kitchen workers, etc.) The kids of those in the middle may be caught in the middle. (So what else is new? :-))