Practicing Thankfulness in the Workplace - Not Just in November


The season of gratitude and giving is officially here. Our dinner conversations with family and friends are filled with talking about what we're thankful for -- a conversation topic that spills over into work, the classroom, and of course on TV and in advertising. Thankfulness helps ground us, reminding us about what is good in this life, and inviting optimism for our present and future. I feel very strongly that this “attitude of gratitude" that so many tout is something that we should cultivate more than just in this intentional season.

The energy and positivity that comes with thankfulness should fuel our daily lives, including at school or at work where we spend significant time supporting the mission of our respective organizations. Remaining mindful and purposeful about what we're thankful for -- specifically as it relates to our key places of being not just at home, but at work and school -- will heighten our appreciation for our colleagues, our services, our environment and ourselves. By finding time to see, reflect and seek points of beauty and goodness in our jobs and educations, we can see our roles in these settings as pieces of a more whole life, rather than just means to an end or a daily requirement.

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