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Practical Campus Transportation

A good friend of mine and his wife took their son to college late last summer. One of the first things they did when arriving on campus was to buy him a bicycle, since he was without one. At age 16 in high school, he had quickly evolved from his old, small BMX unit and went straight to driving cars.

Even though the newly minted freshman was coming from a family of substantial means, he didn't arrive at his university in a BMW, Corvette, or upscale SUV. A wise decision, in my view. However, he did need practical and reliable transportation across a campus of formidable size. So, a bicycle was the ideal solution.

For those of you high school seniors who will be traveling to campus for the first time this fall, what solutions have you plotted for covering all the real estate of your new higher education home? Trust me; as someone who had to speed-walk between well-spaced classes at a Big 10 university, I would have loved to have had a bike. It would have saved me a lot of time and worn shoes.

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